Frequently Asked Questions

  • If my car has a valid manufacturer’s warranty and I buy your warranty, when it will take effect?
    Our warranty will take effect at the end of the manufacturer’s warranty. If you have a manufacturer’s warranty with a mileage limit (for example, 3 years/100,000 km) that will soon expire due to the mileage, please pay special attention to the start date of the warranty you are purchasing. It is important that there is no gap (uncovered period) between the manufacturer’s warranty and our warranty.
  • Where can I have my car inspected?
    An inspection can be done at our partners. Please contact us for additional details.
  • What happens to the warranty if the owner of the car changes?
    The warranty is linked to the car and goes along with the car to the new owner, similarly to a manufacturer’s warranty.
  • If I'll buy a one-year warranty, can it be extended?
    Yes. If the mileage and age of the car is not an obstacle, the warranty can be extended without an additional technical inspection.
  • If my car breaks down in Estonia, what should I do?
    Please contact the dealer from whom you purchased the warranty, as soon as possible, and take your car to them. If the car is not allowed or able to continue driving, call the roadside assistance helpline at (+372) 6 756 756. The process is similar to a manufacturer’s warranty: the dealer contacts us and if it is a warranty event, we will cover the repair costs.