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Get an extended warranty for your car and spend your time on the things that truly matter!

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Life is short, enjoy the ride throughout Europe with the Extendo Insurance extended warranty!

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Getting an extended warranty today prepares you for unexpected future events.

Extend your warranty online!

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Why extend your manufacturer warranty?

Protection against unforeseen costs — In case of a breakdown, you don't have to spend a lot, because in warranty cases, we take care of it.
Unlimited number of free repairs — Diagnostics, labour, and spare parts are covered under warranty. You'll get your vehicle back in good shape after a professional repair.
Added Value When Selling Your Vehicle — It's a good selling point to have a valid warranty on your car. When you sell your car, the warranty goes with it.
Valid across Europe — Even in the farthest points of Europe, we are nearby and ready to help!

The warranty can be extended by

months or up to 150,000 km