About Us

Extendo Insurance is an insurance agent based on Estonian capital and registered with the Financial Supervision Authority. We specialise in offering vehicle warranty insurance solutions in cooperation with car repair partners.

Our team members have extensive experience in international insurance and digital solutions. The reliability of our team is confirmed by a long and successful cooperation with car sales and car repair companies, as well as insurance companies.

The insurer of the solutions we offer is the Estonian branch of Compensa Vienna Insurance Group ADB (hereinafter Seesam), who is able to offer extensive risk protection and accuracy in the payment of indemnities. Seesam is part of the Vienna Insurance Group (VIG), the largest insurance group in Central and Eastern Europe. The group includes 50 companies with 23,000 employees and operates in 25 countries. The credit rating agency Standard & Poor's has assessed the long-term credit and financial strength of Vienna Insurance Group with an A+ rating.

Our goal is to make the life of car owners/users carefree, with no need to worry about the little things and thus keep the focus on the things that are truly valuable.